A Quick Post for the Holidays

As I hugged Edna in the foyer of her home, I peered over her shoulder and noticed the Lori’s Hands ornament hanging behind her. Their home was in full effect, wonderfully decorated for the holiday season. When I commented on how nice the decorations looked, Edna, in truest fashion, credited all the work to Lori’s Hands. The past Monday was our annual Holiday Decorating Day, when a handful of volunteers visit each of our clients who need help putting up decorations for the month of December. While I am sure Edna helped with decorating, I traded my usual response of, “Oh, it was nothing,” with “You are so welcome.” 

Unfortunately, I hadn’t been able to visit Edna and Warren during their routine Friday timeslot in about a month and a half between the hectic-ness of school, work and scheduling for another client. However, visiting them one last time before Delaware’s unnecessarily extensive winter break was well above “Study for Nutrition Final” on my To-Do list. I gave them a call to ask them if I, along with 3 other members, could come for a visit that following morning. Not to grocery shop, but simply to enjoy each other’s company. As you probably guessed, Edna was completely elated, and when I walked in their home the next day I was as equally happy seeing Edna don her red holiday sweater and noticing Warren looking better than I had seen him ever before.

This spontaneous visit turned out to be my favorite yet, and let me tell you exactly why. I learned something brilliant just in time for the holiday season. The simplest gifts are the greatest gifts. While I did know this already, I experienced it truly first hand during my visit to this lovable couple. The pure joy on both Edna’s and Warren’s faces when I remembered Warren’s birthday in just a few days? Something I’ll never forget. The most genuine excitement in Edna’s voice when I told her I’d love to stop by the following morning? A voice that will remain in me forever. And lastly, the homemade cookies partnered with an LED flashlight with 3 batteries taped to the package? Maybe the most thoughtful gift I will receive this holiday season. 

Remember that the little things are the big things. Happy Holidays from all of us here at Lori’s Hands.

Written By: Sydney Scheiner

Sydney (R) with Edna (L)

Sydney (R) with Edna (L)