From Class to the Club

I originally joined Lori's Hands for my HLTH320 class, but after just one visit with my client, I realized how much I enjoyed being a part of the organization. My client is a woman with multiple sclerosis and I visit her every week. My partner and I mostly help her with paperwork, but the most fulfilling part of our visits is the conversations we share. My client lives by herself, so each week when I visited her she expressed how great it was to have our company. As I got to know her better, I truly got to see what a funny and sweet woman she is. With each passing week, I found that I was getting just as much out of my visits as she was. I learned how much she LOVES getting cards from people, so we brought her a card one visit after we found out that she had recently celebrated her birthday. She was so touched by such a small gift and it felt great to be able to make her smile. Sometimes we talk on the phone throughout the week. As my semester in class came to an end, I was saddened to see my visits end. Then I received an email from Sarah, the founder of Lori's Hands, asking me to be a scheduler for the club! I'm so excited to be a part of Lori's Hands and so glad that I'll be able to continue my visits with my client and others!

Written by: Amanda Painton