Student Spotlight: Judy Yang

Judy is the president of the Lori’s Hands club at the University of Delaware and is extremely passionate about the organization. Now a senior, Judy has been a part of Lori’s Hands since her freshman year. Judy was inspired to become a part of Lori’s Hands after seeing the toll chemotherapy took on her Grandma’s body after being diagnosed with liver cancer. Her grandma needed extra help during this difficult time, and Judy liked that volunteering with Lori’s Hands allowed her to be the shoulder to lean on for someone else going through a similar situation.

Judy has found her home away from home at her clients’ house. She loves getting to visit her clients weekly and building a strong relationship with them. Judy has built such a strong bond with her clients that she considers them like grandparents. They make delicious snacks for her and can “talk about everything and anything”. Although Judy is not going into a health-related career, she has found that volunteering with Lori’s Hands has been a unique and valuable experience that really stands out in her time as an undergraduate at the University of Delaware.

Lori’s Hands is going to miss Judy’s enthusiasm and passion when she graduates this spring, so we are savoring the time we have left! Thank you for all of your hard work, Judy!