Student Spotlight: Nadia

Student Spotlight: Nadia Akhatar

Year: Junior

Major: Biology (with minors in History and Psychology)

Expertise: Serving as the Lori’s Hands Vice President and being a superstar at fundraising!

Wanting to learn how to build a strong patient rapport and get direct contact with clients, Nadia joined Lori’s Hands after hearing about it at an organization for aspiring physicians. She wanted to build a strong, direct, connection to an individual in her local community, and she wanted to see the impact she could have on their life.

By being a volunteer with Lori’s Hands, Nadia has found a lot of time to reflect on the way she views the world and lives her life. Nadia says, “participating in Lori’s Hands has made me a better person. I am thankful for what I have and it has made me realize that I can really make a difference in others’ lives.” She has not only learned more about chronic illnesses from a medical perspective, but she has seen how chronic illnesses affect an individual’s entire lifestyle and quality of life. Nadia loves that Lori’s Hands allows her to genuinely connect with individuals within her community “despite age or chronic illness.” When considering her overall experience, Nadia shares that visiting her client has allowed her to gain a deeper understanding of the human side of health care.