Community Nutrition Student Q&A

Each semester, Lori's Hands serves as a field placement site for a group of UD students enrolled in a Community Nutrition course. This week on the blog, student Alexa interviews student Kim regarding her Lori’s Hands experience.

Alexa: Tell us about the client you're visiting this semester, and the support you provide.
Kim: We help Dave, who has ataxia. We prepare and cook his dinner for him and provide companionship 1 night per week.

Alexa: What do you enjoy about the experience?
Kim: When we are on our visits, I enjoy learning about Dave’s ataxia. He has provided several resources for us about his disease, and we've even been reading a book he wrote himself about his experiences!

Alexa: What is the biggest thing you have learned from your Lori’s Hands experience?
Kim: I have learned that despite having a disability you can live a very happy and productive life. Dave proves that positivity and persistence is key to pushing through your limits. He swims a mile almost every day of the week and is always happy and productive when we visit him. He writes his own stories and keeps a positive attitude.

Alexa: Why did you volunteer through Lori’s Hands?
Kim: I am in a community nutrition class that requires volunteer hours related to nutrition. Working with Dave through Lori’s Hands was a way for us to learn more about cooking with a disability, while helping Dave to prepare his meals. Although I was required to volunteer through a class, I wish I had learned about Lori’s Hands sooner during my undergraduate career at UD so that I could have experienced more volunteer hours for their nonprofit.

Alexa: What do you wish you could change about the experience?
Kim: I wish I could volunteer more often and that I learned of Lori’s Hands earlier. We only visit with Dave once a week. I wish I could also volunteer with several clients to learn more about other chronic illnesses and broaden my education beyond nutrition.