Client Services


A good candidate for Lori's Hands:

  • lives within designated geographic area of a chapter accepting clients (currently Newark, DE only)

  • has one of the following diagnosed chronic illnesses: cancer, multiple sclerosis, ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease, Parkinson's disease, COPD, congestive heart failure, lupus, chronic kidney disease, history of stroke

  • is willing and able to accept a weekly visit from Lori's Hands volunteers

  • is willing to undergo a criminal background check

  • is open to answering student questions about chronic disease, experiences with healthcare, etc.


If someone fits these criteria, is acceptance into the program guaranteed? 

No. Clients are interviewed to determine whether or not they are a good match for the program. Lori's Hands reserves the right to deny acceptance into the program for any reason. Client schedules must also match with volunteer schedules for placement to be made. 

To begin the process of referring a potential client, please complete the form below.



What our students do:

  • Yard work (weeding, planting flowers)

  • Housework (dusting, vacuuming, organizing)

  • Grocery shopping

  • Companionship visits and phone calls

  • Dog walking

  • Paperwork, phone calls, finding information online, filling out forms

What our students don't do:

  • Provide transportation

  • Service as safety sitters/babysitters

  • Assist with personal care (e.g. showering, dressing, transferring)

  • Provide medical care of any kind (including med preparation, changing bandages, checking blood pressure)

Client Referral Form: